iaapa member

ngf member


Wisconsin Certified General Appraiser No. 182-010
National Society of Appraiser Specialists, Certificate No. 4625
Member American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers
Federal ID # 39-1938149

Owner Lambert Appraisals LLC, 107 East Cook Street, Portage, Wisconsin
from 1983 to the present.

Real estate appraiser specializing in commercial, agricultural, industrial, resort
hotels and water parks, campgrounds, golf courses and recreational properties
in Wisconsin, Northwest Illinois and Iowa. Since 1990 my field of expertise
has been strictly commercial appraisals. I do the majority of my work in
central Wisconsin but travel all over the state and the surrounding states.
Member of NGF, the National Golf Foundation. Member of WWA, the World
Waterpark Association. Member of IAAPA, International Association of
Amusement Parks and Attractions.

Associate Degree in Real Estate, 1979 from Madison Area Technical College,
Society of Real Estate Appraiser’s URAR update, 8 hour course on the URAR
form, Jan. 1987, Standards and Professional Practices, April 1991, Appraisal
Institute’s Course 101 & 102, April & May 1991, Lincoln Graduate Center,
Advanced Commercial Appraisal, Commercial Investment Appraisal, Farm
and Land Appraisal, September 1991. Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation,
Appraisal Training for Eminent Domain, October 1993, Madison Area
Technical College, continuing education February 1993. University of
Wisconsin Urban Land Research December 1995, American Society of Farm
Managers and Rural Appraisers, Rural residential appraisal course, October
1996. Appraisal Institute-Valuation of Lease Interests, April 1997, Lincoln
Graduate Center, Business Valuation, September 1998, Commercial Real
Estate Financing, University of Wisconsin Center for Urban Land Research,
February 1999, USPAP continuing education, February 1999. Land
Conservation, April 2000. USPAP continuing education - McKissock Data
Systems Appraisal School, October 2001, Appraising the Oddball:
Nonconforming and Difficult Properties - McKissock Data Systems Appraisal
School, October 2001, Real Estate Damages: Assessment and Testimony -
McKissock Data Systems Appraisal School, October 2001, Expert Witness -
McKissock Data Systems Appraisal School, October 2001. Wisconsin
Realtors Association continuing education, March 2003, November 2003,
December 2003. Appraisal Institute, Restaurant and Hotel Feasibility,
September 2004. Appraisal Institute, Convenience Stores and Retail Fuel
Properties: Essential Appraisal Issues, March 2005. Wisconsin Realtors
Association, How to Analysis and Value Commercial Investment Real Estate,
March 2005. USPAP update, McKissock Data Systems Appraisal School,
June 2005. 2-4 Family Appraisals, McKissock Data Systems Appraisal
School, June 2005. McKissock Data Systems Appraisal School, August 2007,
Kaplan Professional Services Continuing Education USPAP, September 2007.
McKissock Data Systems Continuing Education, November 2009, Wisconsin
Realtors Association 7 hour USPAP Continuing Education, November 2009

Lambert Appraisals, L.L.C Resume